Daniel Ayuso


What advice would I give myself as a young designer points directly to something I did not do at the time and it has manifested itself into two points:

  1. Try to travel and work abroad from your own city as a life and work experience. I regret maybe having not had the impulse to place myself in a less comfortable situation by working in many different countries. Predominately as a means to get to know other points of view, other principles and also other lifestyles. I think this gives a great heterodoxal background to develop your career anywhere. It's especially important nowadays as communication has gone more global.
  2. Another regret could be not having started more self-initiated projects in other fields which could lead us to express ourselves more widely and in a different way. This can let others learn more about your personality and desires around both graphic design or other related disciplines. Graphic designers should be more interested in other aspects of the culture, not only graphic design but art, literature, cinema or music as a way of exercising other forms of creativity.